Office of Research Integrity


The West Virginia University Office of Research Integrity deals with allegations of academic misconduct including plagiarism, falsification and fabrication of academic materials.

You may review the Misconduct Policy by following these links:

West Virginia University Research Integrity Procedure as amended (applies to conduct occurring on or after June 13, 2016)

Policy and Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Academic Misconduct at West Virginia University(applies to conduct occurring before May 9, 2011)

West Virginia Research Integrity Procedure (applies to conduct occurring on or after May 9, 2011 and prior to June 13, 2016).

All employees of the University are responsible for reporting any information which they may have concerning violations of this Policy. If you believe that you have information concerning a violation of this Policy on any of the campuses of West Virginia University, you should report that information to the Research Integrity Officer. 

If you are not sure whether the matter, which concerns you, is a violation of the Policy, you may consult with the Research Integrity Officer before filing an official complaint.

All University employees engaged in research are responsible for adhering to standards of research integrity.

Law professor Marjorie McDiarmid

Marjorie Anne McDiarmid
Research Integrity Officer

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